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How to activate the notification in the game?


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I'm new in voobly. I've already installed some mods, but I can't see the notification messages when a unit is created or a technology is already developed. I need help, please
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Editado 13 de enero de 2018 - 01:55 por kwin
This is for CD version of AOC, but I guess it's the same or similar if you have Steam version...

Hold your mouse above the 2 or 3 buttons you see right side on top of the mini map.
Search for the "turn statistics On/Off" button and make sure they are ON.
(There is a hotkey for it, but no idea what the standard hotkey is because I changed hotkeys).

If you can't find this "turn statistics On/Off" button, you see only 2 buttons right side on top of the mini map, if so, search first for the "Turn advanced commands On/Off" button and turn this one On, then you get 5 more buttons, 1 of those is the "turn statistics On/Off" button...


I just try this during game, and I am not sure witch button exactly give you those notifications...
I know it's 1 of those 3 buttons right side on top of the mini-map, but it looks like it's not always the same...

Maybe it is and should be the "turn help on/off" button, but it looks little bit bugged to me, doesn't always work perfect...

Whatever, you find solution with those 3 buttons ^^

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