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If you look at NPL now there is no use for it anymore. In the past players could figure out if they liked cs or rm more, but since cs is dead and there no more maps to try for new players (nothing gets hosted) it lost his value. The problem with the ms lobby is that there are almost no 15xx gamers so very hard to jump in. However if you remove npl many players will leave so that is not an option anymore.

Right now the best thing would be make npl to 1600 start rate i gues, cause right now people get mind****ed with this 12xx-14xx rate. If i play in npl i win 60% of my games and in ms if i play a 15xx-16xx game i win like 40% so the diffrense isnt that big (talking about black forrest, cause that is the only rm map i play because i switched 2 months ago to rm and still practising).
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NPL noob basher wont be bashed in MS
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NPL noob basher wont be bashed in MS

What is noob bashing exactly ? And how do you decide what noob bashing is. If a players wins by a large margin that may be bashing but there are limitations to this idea too. I sometime lose by a large margin from noobs because circumstances were not in my favor. Is this noob bashing ?

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